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Five helpful tips to make decorating the house easy and fun.

Categories: Prime Development | Posted: December 17, 2013

Don’t let the holidays get the best of you.  Here are five helpful tips to make decorating the house easy and fun.

1.   Instantly spruce up your home’s exterior by hanging a festive wreath.  Most stores have either fresh or dry wreath, plain or decorated.  If you’re in the holiday spirit, decorate your own with ease using florist wire.  You can get the kids involved by having them pick out things to attach such as, old ornaments, touches of red with Christmas berries or ribbons, and then even throw in a few pine cones for the finishing touch.

2.   Make your home smell like the holidays.  Place apple, cinnamon, and pine scented candles around your home to bring out feelings of joy.  Adding candles throughout not only complements your decorations, but it provides pleasant aromas with a sense of warmth and intimacy.

3.   Not sure what to do with all of the past and present Christmas cards you’ve received in the mail?  Turn them into a centerpiece by creating a collage.  You can pick up a small faux Christmas tree and hang the cards like ornaments using a hole punch and string, or you can place decorative twigs and floral pieces in a vase and creatively suspend the cards.

4.   Have extra ornaments leftover after decorating the tree?  Put them to use and embellish your banister and railings by tying them to simple ribbons and bows.  Make your stairway a conversation piece when people enter your home.

5.   Lastly, there is no quicker way to add color to a home, than to scatter poinsettias throughout.  Place one or two in your entryway, and then a few more throughout other rooms.  Poinsettias add a sense of sophistication to your home, while bringing in a nice touch of red to compliment all of the greens.

When your finished being crafty, post your family projects to Prime Development’s Facebook Page and share your holiday joy with the community!  The most creative project, from Kansas City and surrounding metro, posted will receive a holiday gift package.  A winner will be selected by December 23rd, so start creating and posting!

Do You Enjoy the Outdoors? Persimmon Pointe may be for You!

Categories: New Homes, Prime Development | Posted: December 16, 2013

Persimmon Pointe is a new home community located near many outdoor attractions.  If you are a young family with children, or empty nesters who enjoy the outdoors, there is plenty to do near by.

Just around the corner from Persimmon Pointe, you have access to over three miles of interconnected walking trails through Prairie Center Park and Ernie Miller Nature Center.  In addition to the nearby parks, only two miles away lay Lake Olathe with a 208-acre community park with many amenities.  Lake Olathe and Park has multiple picnic shelters and BBQs for use, as well as a large shelter available for party reservations.

Do you enjoy boating and being on the water, yet dislike the long car rides to get there?

Living at Persimmon Pointe, your car ride to the lake is only minutes away.  No more do you need to travel to the Ozarks to have a fun day at the lake.

Lake Olathe has a boat ramp so you can bring your boat and friends to enjoy an afternoon on the lake.  If you have children, why not teach them the art of fishing?  Lake Olathe has two fishing docks, and a fishing pier where they can learn a favorite past time.

Maybe fishing isn’t for them?

Lake Olathe also has a large beach where they can build sand castles only found in their imagination.  When the kids get tired of playing in the sand, they can run over to enjoy the playground.  Once they are all worn-out and sleepy, no need to dread that long car ride home because living at Persimmon Pointe you are only minutes away.