Final Phase at Bluestem has Broken Ground

Categories: Bluestem, New Homes, Prime Development | Posted: August 19, 2014
Early morning view from Bluestem's walking trail.

Early morning view from Bluestem’s walking trail.

If you have driven by 151st and Quivira this summer, you may have noticed there has been a lot of activity on the Southeast corner of the intersection. Bluestem has spent many months grading and preparing, what will be, the last phase of this premier New Home community.

Recently, Bluestem has received building permits and begun breaking ground on several foundations. With only 40 premium lots available in its final phase, the time for building is now!

For those who want to take part in designing your dream home, stop by or give us a jingle!

At Bluestem, there is a strong list of builders scheduled to complete a variety of plans from their extensive portfolios. Currently slated to build are, James Engle Custom Homes, Lambie Custom Homes, JS Robinson, Roeser Homes, Bickimer Homes, LDH Construction, and Summit Custom Homes. If you are interested in bringing in an outside builder, upon review and approval by developer, outside builders are accepted.

Understanding the building process can sometimes be tricky; especially when builders have many projects underway. Typically, the digging and pouring of foundations will take roughly one month, and new home construction is taking about eight to ten months. As we start nearing colder months, pouring foundations can become a much more difficult and lengthy process. If you want to move into your new home by early spring next year, let’s sit down and discuss your desires. The time is now to make your dream home a reality!

Janet Blair

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